explain in a short paragraph  the role of bacteria in genetic engineering ( recombinant DNA technology)

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Recombinant DNA technology is also having a significant impact on microbial production of chemicals and fuels. Following are some of the examples of this utility: (1) genetically engineered strains of Bacillus amyloliquefaciens and Lactobacillus casei have been prepared for production of amino acids on a large scale; (2) industrially useful bacteria can utilize cheaper feed stocks like D-xylulose, lignocellulose or cellulose; for instance, Zymomonas mobilis carrying cellulase gene from Cellulomonas uda has six fold increase in cellulase activity; (3) E.coli and Klebsiella planticola carrying genes from Z mobilus  could utilize glucose and xylose to give maximum yield of ethanol.