Explain Shakespearian comedy features in As You Like It.  

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In the Elizabethan era, comedy was one of two standard types of plays; the other was tragedy. Comedy meant that the play had a happy ending; in tragedy, the hero and other important characters died at the end. Both types of play feature complicated plots. In comedy, these plots are resolved to the benefit of the hero, but in tragedy, they thwart the hero's objectives. Comedies also typically feature two lovers or love interests as the protagonists, rather than a single hero. The numerous twists and turns in the plot involve separating the lovers, matching them up with different partners, and placing various obstacles in their paths before the eventual joyous resolution (usually marriage).

The humor in comedies generally turns on plot complications, which often involve cases of mistaken identity. One or both of the lovers becomes the object of a different person’s adoration, and that lovesick admirer provides much of the humor. Disguise, along with mistaken identity, compounds the aura...

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