Explain the seventh stage in a man's life. (Act II Scene 7)Please exaplain to me the sseventh stage in a man's life

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The seventh age of man, according to Jaques in "As You Like It," is the time of life "That end this strange eventful history" (26). After he has discussed six of the other seasons of a man's life, he finally comes to the end where old age has taken everything from him. In the end of our lives we lose our sight, strength, and sometimes our brains, so Jaques compares this to a second childhood where we again become dependent on others for help. He even goes so far as to say that life becomes "oblivion" and we end up without teeth, sight, taste and anything else we had during our life time. This extended metaphor is a way for us to look at the human condition and understand what we all experience and where we all end up.

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