Explain Sammy's epiphany in A & P. Do you think him comic or heroic?

Expert Answers
teacherscribe eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Sammy's epiphany occurs as he is walking out the door after quitting in protest over how Lengel treats Queenie and her friends.  He thinks he is doing something brave by standing up for them.  Sammy is hoping they will be impressed with his stand.  However, when he walks out the door, he realizes that the girls are gone.  Worse, they never even noticed what he did forthem.  His great stand was all for naught. 

This is certainly comical and sad.  When Sammy turns around and sees that he has been easily replaced -- Lengel is standing in for him at the checkout  -- he realizes how easily he is replaced.  He is a member of the lower, working class, and he can be easily replaced.  Sammy is not of the same social class as Queenie and her friends.  His job as a grocery clerk was important to him (note how Lengel tells him that he will feel this for the rest of his life), and he just threw it away in a what he thought was a heroic stand.