Explain the role of "Positioning" in services marketing.

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Positioning is a process that companies use in business marketing to create an image in the mind of the consumer.  With all of the media and the mass marketing we have in today’s society, everyone is over powered with advertising messages.  We have advertisements on the Internet, television, stores and even before a movie at the theater.  With the correct positioning a company can bring its product to the front of the consumers mind and make their product a stand out brand.  

Jack Trout and Al Ries are two men who brought the positioning process to the forefront of the marketing world in the early 1970’s. They said that the idea of positioning

”was to occupy a unique position in the consumer’s mind to cut through all of the confusion caused by brand proliferation and advertising clutter.”

This "positioning" is part of an over-all marketing strategy in which the marketing specialists choose who they want to target for their product and then "position" their product to that market.  There are many different types of strategies for this style of advertising.  “There are broad, price segment, usage segment, geographical segments, psychological segments and channel distribution marketing strategies.”

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in short role of position means the way to get goal throgh advertising and sales,customer satisfaction on the products which is want to get brand or position...