Explain right to safety and right to consumer protection.

prchhimpa | Student

A large unit manufacturing goods which has been known for its liberal personnel policies and fringe benefits is facing the problem of low productivity and high absenteeism . How should the management improve the organizational climate?

krishna-agrawala | Student

I have not come across general rights such as right to safety and right to consumer protection. However definitely there is this concept of the obligation of manufacturer's and sellers of products to provide some minimum standards of quality and service to the buyers and users of their products. The legal and other provisions designed to ensure that the sellers meet their obligations towards the customers is generally described as consumer protection.

The consumers have, among other things, a right being supplied with products and services that meet some minimum standards of safety for the intended use and the intended users. The sellers have the obligation to meet these safety standards. The safety of the product is impacted by the inherent design of the product as well as by how it is used or otherwise treated by users. The obligations of the sellers include providing information to the users on all such safety aspects. We may refer the right of consumers to receive safe products and adequate additional information to safeguard their safety as right to safety.