Explain the religious beliefs (devotion) in The Crucible.

npoore84 | Student

The main religion present in this play is strict adherence to Puritanism. The setting of the novel is set during the 1500's when there was strict adherence to the theocracy of Puritanism. This was where the church and society, the moral and state laws, were one and the same, and the state of the soul and sins one commited was to be of public concern and knowledge. In the play, the characters believe that everthing either belongs to God and is of good or is evil and belongs to the devil. So many people that differed in opinion or did or said things that did not sit well with the Puritan ministers were seen to be of the devil. Puritan leaders had much intolerance for sin and immoral acts which truly shows during the many hangings and sentencings to prison during the Salem Witch Trials. 

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