Explain the Red Power Movement, its leaders, and its accomplishments.Really need to know what this movement accomplished for Indians and what it's leaders did to aid in those accomplishments.

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kapokkid eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The Red Power Movement really got to be well known after they occupied Alcatraz, a move designed to get them a great deal of publicity and to make people pay attention to their agenda.  This occurred in 1969 and was orchestrated by a group of Indians representing a number of different tribles.  The occupation ended after about eighteen months without achieving their goals but many felt that the occupation itself gave American Indians a better sense of power and effectiveness and identity.

The movement had momentum over the next decade and throughout the time worked in various places to try and pressure governments to honor treaty agreements as well as creating a stronger sense of identity and importance within tribal communities.  Many people feel that the movement was eventually successful in creating opportunities for people to visit museums or study in programs that were created to not just study American Indian history and affairs but to celebrate their role in the country and their past and traditions.