Explain the reason the sewing machine,the plane (the Wright brothers) and the first long lasting light bulb (Thomas Edison) were invented.

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durbanville eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Inventions are truly remarkable, revealing talented inventors who were or are able to think laterally about problems and solve them. The sewing machine, aeroplane and long-lasting light bulb all filled a gap in an increasingly industrialized era, often taking existing ideas and improving on them significantly; thus, introducing the concept of mass production or, in the case of the plane, the accessibility of it and advancements for large-scale trade and travel opportunities. Hence, filling a need, and recognizing a gap in the market, would be a definite reason for inventing anything.

The perseverance of the inventors is also another reason why these things, among others, were invented as inventing requires patience, aptitude, an inquiring and questioning mind and an absolute belief in the product or idea. There are also monetary concerns as inventing can be an expensive process. There are many inventions that never made it- or that were invented much later- because of a shortage of cash, time or sufficient opportunity.  

The long-lasting light bulb was devised by Edison in response to an already existing, but inadequate bulb that burnt out quickly, making it impractical. Edison made several attempts before he could find a satisfactory replacement. This invention, and his astute business sense, allowed for developments in a world where people were becoming far more aware of the potential for improving their lives. Apart from the obvious profit generation and benefits to Edison, the name Thomas Edison is synonymous with teaching History and thus, for Edison, there is the aspect of fame, although it is unlikely that he could have anticipated such fame initially; more so pride and an absolute belief in his ideas.   

Similarly the Wright brothers who initially wanted to prove a point. Their perseverance, which could have cost them their lives as they crashed numerous times, meant that, once their point was proven, they could not ignore the potential and the results were, obviously phenomenal. 

The sewing machine caused controversy when it was created as there were various inventors, including Singer and Howe, designing and improving each others' designs, causing legal battles but ultimately culminating in the creation of improved versions and the formation of promising business partnerships. 

Inventors need a personality type where arrogance is seen as an advantage, allowing for them to have so much faith in themselves that they never give up.