Explain the reason for the rebellion in The Hunger Games.    

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Katniss introduces the idea of the rebellion as the mayor reads the history of Panem from the podium during the Reaping ceremony, and although he mentions the Dark Days, Katniss does not give additional background for the cause of the rebellion in this scene.  Although Katniss does not give specifics, the reader can infer that the most likely reason for the Districts' rebellion was the oppressive control of the government of Panem.  Through Katniss' perspective, the reader sees a society in District 12 on the verge of starvation and deprivation, whereas the citizens of the Capitol live lives of conspicuous consumption.  The Districts' attempt to overthrow the hated Capitol proved unsuccessful, however, and Panem's retribution after ending the rebellion was both cruel and merciless, imposing the Hunger Games as a dark reminder to the districts to never rebel again. 

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