Explain the purpose of the following software utilities:- Firewall - Disk Defragmenter - Drive Formatting

francisndungu | Student
In the modern world people mainly rely on computers which are machines that analyze data and present information. Computers rely on softwares which are set of instructions that guide their general operations. In order for the softwares to work well they rely on other softwares called "Utility Softwares". Utility softwares are just but normal softwares but their work is to make a computer effective and convenient in its operation. One of the Utility software is a firewall. Firewalls are softwares that prevents unauthorized entry into a computer system or a group of computers known as computer network from hackers. Hackers can gain unauthorized use to your computers to steal, delete or edit information. In a more serious case they may lender your computer useless by introducing viruses that may damage your computer. Firewall therefore limit who and what kind of information is shown to different kind of people or computer accessories. On the other hand a computer relies on hard disk to keep information in form of a series of magnetized and demagnetized areas. Since a computer is a digital devices it encodes information and stores it in only two forms either 0 or 1. In a hard disk the information is stored in a series of magnetized and non magnetized area. Magnetized area represent 1 and non-magnetized area represent 0. When information is being written in a hard disk it starts from the inside to the outside. Sometimes you may delete information from a hard disk therefore leaving a series of gaps in the disk. Illustration -Consider a parking area where cars and long trailers are parked and the parking is full. If 10 car drivers remove their vehicles which were in different locations the parking will have many gaps but only cars can fit in the gaps not a trailer!. A watchman or a Carpark Manager is forced to call the owners of the vehicles to rearrange the vehicles again in order to have the vacant parking lots in one area.This is how the Disk Defragmenter works it Consolidates the data in one area and the empty space in the other area leaving a blank space which is more usable. Finally the Drive formatting Utility is a set of instructions that makes the layout of how data is stored in a disk. Example, as seen above, data is stored through a series of magnetized and non-magnetized area on the disk. The area to be magnetized are laid down by "formating" the disk therefore dividing it into sectors and tracks which are ready to be fed with data for storage.