Explain and provide examples of how the montheistic male religions  absorbed  pagan , heathen, and infidel concepts of gods and goddesses into their new one God.  Exploring the World of Religion

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readerofbooks eNotes educator| Certified Educator

This is an interesting question. If you are talking about male monotheistic male religions, then the three mains ones are Judaism, Christianity and Islam. Moreover, since these three great monotheistic religions are very complex and have lasted a very long time, it will be hard to make generalizations. So, I will only focus on ancient Christianity.

In some sectors of ancient Christianity, the other gods and goddesses were interpreted to be divine beings, but they were interpreted to be demons or fallen angels. So, the early church fathers did not say that these ancient gods and goddesses did not exist. They very much believed in them. It was just that these divine beings were fallen spiritual beings.

When the gods or goddesses were obviously good, some sections of the church made them into saints or angels. We must keep in mind that the church or any religion was not monolithic. Diversity was a fact of life.

From a broad framework point of view, all of these beings were put under the one creator God.