Explain the process of kinetic energy and potential energy.

sciencesolve | Student

You should know that there exists 6 forms of energy: chemical, mechanical, nuclear, thermal and radiation energy.

All of the forms of energy listed above can be found in one of the following states: potential or kinetic.

The state of energy that the bodies in motion have is called kinetic energy, while the energy that is stored in bodies is called potential energy.

The potential energy can be converted into kinetic energy and all the 6 forms listed above can be converted from one form into the other.energy

Hence, by the law of conservation of energy, the total amount of energy in a system is conserved, though the forms of energy can be transformed or transferred from one into another.

astrosonuthird | Student

Potential energy = Potential energy is the same stored energy. The sored energy is hold withing the gravitational field. When you lift a heavy object you exert energy which will later will become kenetic energy when the object is droped.



Kinetic energy = Kinetic energy is the energy of motion. It is ability to do work. The faster the body moves more kinetic energy is produced.

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