Explain the process of amending and revising the Texas constitution and why there are more than 450 amendments.

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thetall eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The Texas Constitution currently has 385 sections compared to the original version which had 289 sections. The Constitution has been updated at least biennially over the years since 1876, through amendments proposed by the legislature. There are no restrictions on the number of amendment proposals, however, each proposal requires the mandatory two-thirds vote by representatives in the senate and the house. Amendments are approved or rejected by the Texas body of voters.

As of 2014, 666 proposed amendments had been submitted to the legislature with only 662 reaching the voters. Of the 662 amendments, 483 were approved with 179 being defeated by the Texas electorate. The highest number of proposed amendments made in a single year was in 1987 with the proposals numbering 28. The year with the highest number of adopted amendments was 2003 with a total of 22 amendments being adopted in that year.

In summary, the legislature proposes amendments to the constitution. The proposal requires a two-thirds vote in the house and the senate in order to proceed to the electorate. The proposal is finally adopted or rejected by the electorate. The Texas Constitution does not set a limit to the number of amendments, which explains the high number of amendments over the years.