Ode to My Socks by Pablo Neruda

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Explain the poem "Ode to My Socks." 

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The more ancient odes were written about epic characters and events. The Romantics (Keats, Shelley) wrote odes about elements of nature (Nightingales, Seasons) which provided a means for them to consider transcendent experiences. In this poem, Neruda is praising a very simple, common thing: his socks. He describes them in terms not usually associated with socks: as "knitted with threads of twilight" (or dusk, depending upon the translation). Twilight (dusk) is the transition from day to night, when there is still a glow from the sun which has just set. That is to say, the socks were formed by this mysterious glow that exists between two times: night and day. 

His feet are...

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