Explain the point of view in the chapter "Daughter of Invention."

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"Daugter of Invention" by Julia Alvarez is told in the first personal narrative voice of the story's protagonist Cukita.  As a result, the reader has the opportunity to witness Cukita's feelings and beliefs as the story progresses.  She triumphs at her ability with language and praises herself for having learned to write "like herself" in English.  The reader also witnesses Cukita's frustration with her parents; she does not want their help nor does she want to conform to their sense of values.  Cukita shows the reader the struggle that she faces trying to assimilate into American culture while her parents insist that she honor their values from the Dominican Republic.  Because Cukita narrates the story, the reader only sees the parents from Cukita's perspective and thus is forced to draw conclusions about them based on limited details.