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Explain one example of personification in the poem "Time" by Allen Curnow.

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I, Time, call down, condense, confer,
On the willing memory the shapes these were:

Personification is defined as giving a non-human object or idea human characteristics, qualities or abilities. Here, Time is not only given a proper noun treatment by receiving a capitalization, it is also using as it does through the whole poem the personal pronoun "I". This personal pronoun use is an indicator of personification because discussion of animals (even though they have gender) rarely receive the use of personal pronouns you, me, my, or I because they don't talk. In addition, Time is performing 3 actions in one sentence that only humans can really perform: calling down, condensing, and conferring. This is the best example of personification in the poem because it achieves its purpose in 3 ways within a line.

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