explain in one, orderly paragraph what you normally see as the two primary goals of summer vacation goals of summer vacation.(follow the instructions exactly: a very solid,interesting title to the paragraph, one sentence that uses a semicolon followed by a trans.word- circle this entire construction, one instance of using the past participle of "to swim"-with a STAR, one correct instance of "WHOM"- circle the word "WHOM", one correct instance of an INDIRECT OBJECT with DIRECT OBJECT--Label with IO and DO.)

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Keeping a Healthy Mind and Body During Summer Break

When an individual imagines summer break, he or she is likely to rely on images that are common in movies, literature, and pop culture. These images usually involve relaxation, travel, and plenty of unstructured time. It is no accident that these directly oppose the rush, constraints, and order of the school year. It is usually good to question order and minimize stress; however, a regimen that includes mental and physical exercise is critical for maintaining a healthy mind and body when school is out. Physically, you do not need to have swum* or run in school athletics to make this work; a daily routine of 30 minutes or so is enough to give the body (DO) a boost (IO). Likewise, it is not necessary to engage in rigorous study to keep the brain strong. Leisurely reading will work, or even playing music or board games with people with whom you get along.

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