Explain in one orderly paragraph what you normally see as the two primary goals of summer vacation. The paragraph needs to include a very solid, interesting title to the paragraph, one sentence that uses a semicolon followed by a transition word, one instance of the past participle of "to swim," one correct instance of "WHOM," and one correct instance of an INDIRECT OBJECT with DIRECT OBJECT.

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The first part of this question is going to change depending the person. Different people have different summer vacation goals. Students likely have different goals from teachers, and even within those categories, individual goals will differ slightly. For me, as a teacher, one goal I have is to rest and relax with my kids. A second goal is to go on a vacation of some kind with my family. We like water, so our vacations usually involve beaches or lakes. We have swum in quite a few crazy locations. For other teachers, a goal is to get a summer job and earn some extra income. Some choose to paint; some choose to teach summer school. Teachers that teach a class give students grades. They likely do not know whom will get the best grade; however, it usually becomes obvious quite early in the class.

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