Explain Noam Chomsky’s theory of human language acquisition.

walterpoupaert | Student

Our brain is not a empty paper. All of us have in our DNA what us makes human.

There are features like being able to talk, which us differates from the other animals.

Noam Chomsky postulates that there is in our brain an Universal Grammar, common for all the languages.

During our childhood the U. G. is filled up by the specialities of the mother tongue. And all Homo Sapiens is able to learn all languages.

In all the languages you have categories of words, like verbs, nouns, adjectives and so forth.

It is indeed possible to imagine a language with only tones or velocity of the utturings which could gave signification. ( see the dolphins ).

In addition to this, recently I discovered a feature in English and in Indonesian ( very distant languages .

In Indonesian the P, T and  K, are eleded after a nasal sound. ( for the formation from a root to a verb ).

TUTUP ( closed ) becomes MENUTUP ( to close )

The same P, T and K are in general in English « protected » by an aspiration followed by a vowel. POT e.g becomes PhOT.