Explain the meaning of the "Double V" campaign and describe what changes it achieved.

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The Double Victory campaign was announced on February 7, 1942, about two months after the attack on Pearl Harbor had thrust the United States into World War II, in an African American newspaper called the Pittsburgh Courier. Its catalyst was a letter written by a reader from Kansas named James Thompson titled "Should I Sacrifice to Live Half-American?" Thompson questioned whether colored Americans would see any improvement in their lives or be forced to suffer the same indignities in the future that they suffered at present. In the military, African Americans were relegated to the most menial tasks, and segregation among troops was an official policy. The Double V represented the V for victory that was so popular among the Allied countries and an additional V to stand for a victory over the prejudices against people of color that threatened the freedoms of all American people.

The Pittsburgh Courier was the most popular black newspaper in the country at the time. Well into 1943, the...

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