Explain the many programs under the New Deal. List different programs under the New Deal

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CCC--Civilian Conservation Corps. Provided jobs for young men on conservation projects.

FERA--Federal Emergency Relief Administration. Helped states to provide aid for the unemployed.

PWA--Public Works Administration. Created jobs on government projects.

CWA--Civil Works Administration. Provided public works jobs.

WPA--Works Progress Administration. Provided as many types of jobs as possible, building bridges, courthouses.

NYA--National Youth Administration. Provided part-time jobs for college students.

EBRA--Emergency Banking Relief Act. Roosevelt closed banks for bank holiday so they could be inspected and reopened if found to be stable.

NIRA--National Industrial Recovery Act. Provided money to states to create jobs. Eventually struck down by Supreme Court as a conflict of interest between the legislative and executive branches.

NRA--National Recovery Administration. Established fair standards for collective bargaining, minimum wage, and fair competition.

AAA--Agricultural Adjustment Administration. Raised crop prices by lowering production. Paid farmers to leave certain amounts of their fields unplanted. Found unconstitutional by Supreme Court.

TVA--Tennessee Valley Authority. Developed infrastructure/resources of the Tennessee Valley, like building dams to create electricity.

REA--Rural Electrification Administration. Provided affordable electricity to rural areas.

HOLC--Home Owners Loan Corporation. Loaned money at low interest rates to home owners to help them meet mortgage payments

FHA--Federal Housing Administration. Insured loans for housing.

SSA--Social Security Administration. Provided: Old age insurance, Unemployment compensation, and aid to families with children or the disabled.

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