Explain lines 12-14 of Frost's "The Silken Tent" in the context of this unit's theme.

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Without knowing the theme of the unit in question, one can interpret lines 12–14 with regard to the prominent themes of the poem. Since these are the final lines of the sonnet, this is the section where the meaning of the verse should come through as clearly as possible.

The tent in the poem is a metaphor for both the object of the poet's love (a particular woman) and love itself. This tent has a "supporting central cedar pole" that keeps it upright and steady, although it is also secured by "countless silken ties of love and thought." This suggests that the poet's relationship with the woman, and true love generally, is rich and deep—depending on many emotional, physical, and intellectual connections. These ties are "silken"—that is, gentle—so much so that the lover doesn't feel that they constrict him in any way.

The last three lines provide a bit of contrast to that idealistic assessment. The lover isn't totally oblivious of the requirements of the relationship. He feels them...

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