Explain the lie that Tom has told Myrtle and what Tom finally does to Myrtle.

Expert Answers
lkhernandez eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Tom has told Myrthle that Daisy is a Catholic and that Catholics do not believe in divorce. He claims that this is what is keeping he and Myrtle apart and is his only excuse for why he cannot every marry Myrtle. 

During the party in his apartment, Myrtle grows increasingly drunk and boisterous. Her desire to rise on the social ladder becomes more evident as she starts to order people around and forgets that she actually is in a lower social class than Tom and Daisy. She begins to talk more about Daisy even though Tom has warned her never to mention Daisy there. She ignores him. Tom's agitation leads him to quickly smack her which results in a broken nose for Myrtle.