Explain the last line of the poem "Enterprise," "Home is where we have to gather grace."    

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The final line from the poem "Enterprise" is the culmination of a long and arduous journey. The line, "Home is where we have to gather grace" is the speaker's own conclusion after having faced so much misery on his pilgrimage. It is his realization that their struggles on their journey were for naught, and that the band would have been better off had they stayed at home and gathered wisdom and strength from each other.

The pilgrimage begins with the group in high spirits, with, "[e]xhalting minds . . . making all the burdens light." This quickly turns for the worse as the "sun beat down to match our rage." Nonetheless, the travelers observe and take notes about the things they see along the way and the people they meet. The band soon loses a fellow traveler, "whose stylish prose was quite the best of all our batch." This further worsens the group's morale.

Then the group is attacked twice by marauders, further weakening them to the point where it seems they are aware of nothing, and they are left with not even the bare necessities such as soap. The speaker states, "some were broken, some merely bent." Which shows how the travels have deeply burdened the group both mentally and physically.

When, at last, the travelers return home, each one is beyond weary as, "the trip had darkened every face." It is at this point that the speaker reflects upon the essence of home. He looks back over what he and his brethren have been through, and sees the truth that they would have learned more and been far better off had they simply stayed home, and gathered grace from one another.

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The conclusion of the poem "Enterprise" by Nissim Ezekiel brings the pilgrims full circle to their original purpose.  At the beginning of the poem, the pilgrims journeyed out to "exalt minds" and observe beauty, but as their pilgrimage intensifies in difficulty, they lose their sense of purpose. 

The final line of Ezekiel's poem reminds the reader that sometimes the most important answer and truth resides at "home."  Ezekiel uses the extended metaphor of a journey to express the ways in which people go searching for answers outside themselves, when in reality, they need to look inward to themselves and their own hearts and minds.

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