How could a chairperson of the Learner’s Representative Council ensure that this council functions in a completely democratic way?.

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thanatassa eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The first strategy is procedural. You should choose to enforce strictly rules which permit everyone to speak and which ensure all voices are heard in debates preliminary to motions. Similarly motions to amend, secondments, motions to adjourn, etc. should follow strict formal rules. Many organizations use Robert's Rules of Order as a procedural standard for this reason,

Also important is the process of disseminating information. Your agenda should be circulated well in advance of meetings so that (1) members have time to consult with stakeholders and (2) members can propose in advance additional agenda items rather than having initiatives relegated to "other business." Finally, video recordings of the entire meeting (except parts voted to be handled in private) and extensive minutes should be made available online with 2-3 business days after a meeting.

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