Jane Eyre Questions and Answers
by Charlotte Brontë

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In Jane Eyre, explain the influence of the following people in Jane's life: Mrs. Reed, Miss Temple, Helen, Mr. Brocklehurst, St. John, and John. How do these people effect her life?

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Mrs. Reed, John Reed

These two make her early life a nightmare. she is treated unfairly and like an animal rather than a human and even one of the maids tells her she should be thankful for what she does have. At this young ahe, we see she already has a rebellious spirit and sees that she should be treated better than this.


Mr. Brockelhurst

Mr. Brockelhurst cares little for the individuals and most likely thinks he is doing good and God's work, but is really not much better than the Reeds. She fears him because he can ruin the character she has shown at the school. Fir the first time people seem to like and respect her and she sees how quickly someone could take that away from her.

Miss Temple and Helen

At the school, these two show interest and loyalty to Jane and are positive influences in Jane's life. Even though Helen has the same rebellious spirit, Jane learns this is something she respects and someone as well respected as Miss...

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