Explain in what way Bradbury refers in Fahrenheit 451 to the following issues of social justice: equality rights, legal rights, and freedom of expression.

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Bradbury wants to redefine equality away from how it is understood in the dystopic society of the novel. There, equality means leveling everyone to the same very low level and discouraging any intellectual inquiry or anything that would make a person stand out as odd or troubling.

Montag comes to understand the importance of social justice as embracing the idea of encouraging inquiry and free expression, so as to invite the kind of debate that leads to good ideas and a healthy, growing culture. He comes to see the positive values in a person like Clarisse, who is willing to be a non-conformist. She really talks to people, enjoys nature, and asks the "why" questions Beatty finds so uncomfortable. Without people like Clarisse, Bradbury argues, a society can't flourish.

Bradbury makes a clear case for social justice as based on a social order in which people are encouraged to read, think, and engage in...

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