Explain in detail feminism and critical race theory using the Crimmigration system at our southern border. Cite all sources.

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A critical race theory and feminist analysis of the immigration system at the southern border of the US means critically analyzing how racism and misogyny/trans-misogyny affect immigrants seeking asylum and entrance into this country. Part of the process of colonization of the lands of the so-called Americas involved the US creating national borders through which indigenous tribes were violently separated. Particularly on the southern border, families and loved ones were separated as the United States created an artificial border that criminalized non-permitted entrance into the US of anyone who happened to be born or live south of the artificial boundary.

As anti-Mexican sentiment, xenophobia, and nationalism grew within the US borders throughout the twentieth century, the southern border became increasingly harder to cross. Particularly since 1993, when the North American Free Trade Agreement went into affect, the border has become a site of massive human rights abuses, suffering, and death. Since the period between 1994 and 2017, human rights groups estimate that over 10,000 people have died attempting to cross the artificial border that was created and bolstered by racism, nationalism, and capitalism. Anti-immigrant, and particularly, anti-brown and anti-black, immigrant sentiment has been spread throughout the United States through right-wing propaganda and fear mongering. Women are particularly affected by the practices at the Southern border, as many are asylum seekers escaping violence and misogyny.

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