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Explain in brief the need for sports management.

The need for sports management relates to economic responsibilities such as sourcing funding, promotional matters such as public relations, and organizational issues such as safety protocols and decision-making. Ultimately, sports management is needed because without it, no sporting event of any scale would be able to take place.

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To establish why sports management is needed, we need to discuss what sports managers do. Sporting events, whether they are a high-school basketball game or an international tournament, require huge amounts of organization. Sports managers have a blend of business know-how and sporting experience, which allows them to put together a successful event, game, or match.

I would argue that the need for sports management has three facets: financial, promotional and organizational.

From a practical viewpoint, no sporting event more significant than a neighborhood baseball game can take place without funding. It is the sports manager's job to develop and adhere to budgets while selling tickets, arranging sponsorships, and negotiating discounts on everything from uniforms to travel arrangements.

The promotional need for sports management is linked to the financial perspective and involves marketing the event so that people are aware of it and get inspired to buy tickets to the game. The sports manager is the face of the game, and may have to respond to queries from the media while upholding the positive reputation of the event and undertaking crisis management if anything goes wrong.

The organizational facet of sports management relates to the sheer magnitude of work that goes into organizing any event. Safety protocols will have to be in place for players as well as for crowds; playing surfaces have to be maintained; and decisions will need to be made about everything, from which vendors to have at the game to which game rules will be followed.

Ultimately, sports management is necessary because without it, no organized sporting activities would take place. Such events, whether held at a school, university, or professional level, are extremely valuable and provide opportunities for personal development, employment, and economic growth.

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