Explain the importance of technology in science.

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gsenviro eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Technology is critical to the development of scientific ideas, scientific methods and science. Consider how the development of technical breakthrough helped human beings advance our scientific understanding. The invention of telescope (a technology to see faraway objects) helped us realize that we are not living in a Earth-centered world. In fact, with technological advancements in telescopes and other fields, we realized we are not at the center of anything. Similar advancements in genetics, equipment for gene identification & manipulation, us advancing biotechnology (primarily medical sciences). Advances in engines and fuels have brought space age, which (along with technological breakthroughs in optics) is being used for better understanding of space and celestial bodies. These are very few examples of how technology is essential to the development of science.

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scisser | Student

Technology is very important to the development of science. Without it, none of the new things that are found can be found. Technology and science fundamentally change the way that people live, connect, and communicate with each other. For example, in the future, scientists will hopefully find a cure for cancer. Technology will help identify that one gene or that one cell that caused the disease, so that a cure can be found.

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