Explain the importance/significance of the title, The Kite Runner.Thanks. :)

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Khaled Hosseini's choice of title for his novel, The Kite Runner, seems highly appropriate to me. First, it refers to Hassan, who runs kites for Amir as a youth. Hassan, a servant boy in Amir's household, is Amir's best friend; however, Amir can never forget the social status that separates the two boys. When they are flying kites, they are happier than at virtually any other time. But their status remains: Amir flies the kite, while Hassan has the subservient duty of chasing it. Hassan becomes expert at his duty, and Amir wonders how he develops such skill at knowing exactly where the kite will fall. It is Hassan who Amir deserts in a time of need, creating a guilt that overwhelms Amir for years to come. On the same day that Hassan is raped as Amir stands silently by, Amir wins the kite-flying contest--a day that should be triumphal to both boys. Amir comes full circle by the end of the story, when he becomes the kite runner for Sohrab, Hassan's son. I also found the title interesting because of the unique style of kite flying exhibited by the Afghani boys, using glass-lined string for strength and cutting ability--both to other kites as well as the flyers' own hands.

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