Why were nomads important to the Arabian peninsula?

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The early settlers of the Arabian Peninsula were nomadic people.  This group of people were pastoralists who were able to survive in the "harsh desert environment."  They raised animals, such as sheep and camels.  They took their livestock with them as they traveled from place to place.  These early inhabitants lead the way to trade caravans, though sometimes the nomads raided these traders.  Some of the nomads eventually settled in one area during part of the year to grow crops.  This development of agriculture also led to growth in the region.

The Bedouin nomads were an early group who are still in existence.  There are still nomads who dwell in the deserts in the Arabian Peninsula to this day, some of them being Bedouin nomads.  Many of them still keep their traditions alive.  In the last fifty years, it has become more difficult for groups to live nomadic lives.

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