Explain the importance of Abraham Maslow's theory.

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Maybe the most important aspect of Maslow's theory of human motivation is his "hierarchy of needs." This emphasizes the different types of things that people need, from the basic biological needs that are fairly obvious to safety, love and belonging, esteem, and finally to self-actualization. The significance of this model was immense. First, unlike previous theories, it focused primarily on mentally healthy, functional people. Previously, developmental theories had emphasized dysfunction. The theory also encouraged a focus on human growth on many different levels, and throughout life. It has had many practical applications as well, serving as a useful model of business leadership and deeply informing different pedagogical theories, from classroom behavioral management to curriculum. 

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The importance of Abraham Maslow theory was the Hierarchy of needs because it something different. Since he was the one of the founder of the Humanistic Perspective. It differed from Freud's negativity.

Physiological = satisfying hunger and thirst


Need to feel that we belong

Esteem needs= we are good, we can achieve, recognition

Self-Actualization= to live up to our full potential; succeeded

Self-transcendence= find meaning beyond ourselves; perfection