Nature Of Management

Explain the nature of management functions and their importance at different levels of management.

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The four management functions are as follows: 1) Planning, 2) Organizing, 3) Leading, and 4) Controlling. 

1) Planning- Planning includes the necessary steps to be taken to formulate a concrete plan aimed towards a goal that benefits the organization overall. 

2) Organizing- Organizing includes the necessary steps to be taken to accumulate and distribute company resources in accordance with the aforementioned plan. This would also include the delegation of tasks to employees, and so on.

3) Leading- Leading includes the interpersonal interactions necessary to form solid relationships between manager and employee. This includes communication, motivational speech, encouragement, critiques, and so on. 

4) Controlling- Controlling involves a comparison between the goals that were set and the actual results in relation to those goals. If the goals are not met, changes may be needed to be made within the company. These includes promotions, demotions, firings, and so on.

In any management position, these functions are required. However, the degree to which each function is maintained differs according to management level. For example, top-level managers are primarily responsible for control and oversight of the entire organization. This would correspond to the control and planning sections of management function. In contrast, middle-level managers are primarily responsible for the execution of company plans. They take their orders from the top-level managers, so they may be more focused on producing order within the company, and are not as involved with overall company oversight. Furthermore, low-level managers are even further removed from the top, and have very little say concerning the overall direction of the company. This level would involve more direct leadership, such as interpersonal communication on a day-to-day basis, thereby corresponding to the leadership function. 

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