Explain the importance of being scientifically literate?

Expert Answers
gsenviro eNotes educator| Certified Educator

There is science in all aspects of our lives and hence being scientifically literate is really important. Scientific literacy can be defined as the ability to understand and apply basic knowledge of scientific processes and concepts in our lives (and our profession, etc.). It can help us in understanding nature, analyzing problems and phenomena, participating in a technical/scientific discussion, asking questions (if we are not satisfied with available answers) and appreciating the wonders of science. 

At a more advanced and higher level, scientific literacy also helps a nation in its growth. Scientific literacy will generate a workforce that is more amenable to the use of technology and has a better (and more global) skill set and hence will increase productivity and create innovative products and services. All this will contribute to the nation's growth (examples of this are South Korea and Japan).

kleynhansj | Student

Is to understand the world around you, how things work and why. For you to contribute to science studies if you want to make a difference or make it your career one day. It broadens up your mind to be ahead of others.