Explain the importance of the Atlantic Charter.

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The importance of the Atlantic Charter was that it set up the basic outlines of what the Allies wanted from World War II and what they wanted the post-war world to look like.

The basic idea behind the Atlantic Charter was that this would be a war that would result in the creation of a new world order that would make peace and prosperity more likely.  To that end, the charter set out a number of goals.  It said that the Allies would not seek to take any territory as a result of the war.  It also said that they would try to create a more just world after the war, one with free trade and democracy for all countries.  This basic set of goals became the general aim of the West in the years after the end of WWII.

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- It was meeting on a warship off the cost of New Found land in August 1941, FDR and British Prime Minister Churchill signed this covenant outlining the future path toward disarmament, peace and permanent system of general security. Its spirit would animate the founding of the United Nations and raise awareness of human rights of individuals after WWII.

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