Explain the images of light and dark in Sor Juana's poem First Dream.

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Sor Juana's poem First Dream is an unprecedented achievement for a woman from the seventeenth century, exploring the realm of dreams and the search of the soul for a knowledge which is otherwise inaccessible and which, even in her dream, will remain unresolved. She was a gifted child, self-taught and highly regarded among the learned men of the viceregal court in "New Spain" (Mexico), where she had been a lady in waiting. She became a nun to allow her to devote her time to studying and, mainly, because she did not want to be beholden to any man. The Church felt differently about her talents than the viceregal court did and criticized her defiant, disrespectful nature and behavior and, to avoid official censure, she officially had to stop writing.

Sor Juana was very aware that physical attributes, particularly for women, were an obstacle rather than a blessing and, in her poetry, she explores the potential to connect with nature and the environment. In First Dream , the...

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