Explain in detail the benefits for off loading emotional baggage.

Expert Answers
thanatassa eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In a sense, this question presumes that the popular culture notions of "emotional baggage" and the "offloading" thereof have some sort of benefits. There is no real evidence to back this up. It is rather a debasement of certain elements of Freudian psychology, something which itself has been called into doubt by more recent work in psychology.

According to Freud, we all have desires, located in the id, that we need to repress. Many of these desires are ones that the ego must repress for us to function in society, especially the desire for immediate gratification. Although we might wish, for example, to possess something owned by someone else, or to get drunk rather than study, or to take a day at the beach rather than work, we cannot do so and still succeed in life. Thus we need to repress some of our desires. According to Freud, this creates conflict within or psyches, and some people displace such desires in harmful ways. For those people, psychoanalysis, which reveals and helps resolve those hidden desires, can be quite helpful.