Explain the ideas of edge enhancement and contralateral processing.

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bandmanjoe eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I could not find anything in the area of contralateral processing; I was able however, to find some reference material for you on the subject of edge enhancement.  Edge enhancement is a technique used in video technology by drawing a sharper contrast between colors contained in an object and it's background.  It involoves a refinement of the colors of the object's edge, where it forms the boundary between itself and the background.  Small microlines are inserted to give a more definitive boundary between the two contrasting colors, usually resulting in a much sharper perceived edge between the object and the background.  This technique is being used widely in television and DVD technology in an effort to refine the perception of images made available by both these technologies.  It is one of the techniques making a difference in superior video viewing available on plasma screen and liquid crystal display types of video electronic devices.

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