Explain HR development and/or identify the difference between that and training.

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Both concepts are strongly connected to one another.  Yet, I would suggest that their intended scope is where I believe there are some significant differences.  For example, a program that consists of training would be one in which a specific set of ideas and practices are imparted to an employee in order to complete a particular task.  For example, training programs are often seen in new employee practices, as it is necessary to become acclimated to what they need to know about their particular occupation.  The focus in a training program is immediate and short term.  A more long term focus is evident in the concept of development.  This idea refers to sensing where a potential arc of an employee's growth might lie and working to help that employee recognize and understand this future tense is where development lies.  I sense that development involves more complicated elements that evoke the idea of a future orientation in terms of time more than a present tense one.  In both training and development, the vitality of an organization is present in two distinct manners.

drmonica eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Corporations provide training and development programs for several reasons. The primary purpose of a training program is to acclimate a new hire so that the person understands the company culture and how to perform the tasks assigned to his particular job. Training may also be provided for current employees when a new process or procedure is introduced. Some training is required by state or federal statutes, such as sexual harassment awareness training, and must be provided annually and documentation recorded to prove that employees completed the training. Development programs are often provided for current employees to help them achieve at a higher level and secure promotions. Cross-training is used to help employees be able to perform tasks that other departments perform.

currerbell eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Human Resource Development, or HRD, is designed to assist employees in developing organizational skills and performance abilities though training opportunities as well as though coaching and mentoring. 

Training in HRD will often include seminars for employees, one-on-one observation and feedback, personalized plans for employee growth, sometimes including tuition assistance to keep employees skills current in order to benefit both the employee and the company. 

jakeklein | Student

In my opinion, Training and Development for me is one of, if not THE, most valuable asset for a company. After my company went through a company called "LearNation" (which is an AMAZING, and i cant emphasize that enough, company). They set up a custom site for us so that all my employees could learn EVEERYTHING they needed to know and more in a fun interactive way. It hs completely changed my company's dynamics and were doing better than ever. f your are considering training and development i promise it wont be an investment you regret.