How do most people benefit from their use of conflict management skills?

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kipling2448 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The ability of members of an organization, team or family to calmly and rationally resolve conflicts that inevitably arise is central to its ability to remain cohesive.  Conflicts arise in virtually all relationships, whether between spouses, between coworkers or managers and subordinates, and between teammates in athletic as well as business environments.  Knowing how to manage such conflicts when they arise is a skill that often has to be developed through a learning process.

People who possess good conflict management skills -- beyond the option of pursuing a career as a professional mediator -- are fortunate in that they can be instrumental in resolving disputes before they become overly-corrosive to the relationships involved. Conflicts left to fester can badly erode the atmosphere in which an organization operates, with a resulting decrease in productivity and quality.  Individuals as well as organizations benefit when members of a group or team are skilled in addressing the underlying causes of tensions before the situation deteriorates.  A dysfunctional atmosphere within a business, team or any kind of organization where cooperation is essential for success will usually lead to failure.  Development of conflict management skills, therefore, is essential for success.

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