Explain how Wordsworth’s poems reflect the Romantic belief in the dignity and importance of ordinary people and their language.

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Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I think that Wordsworth saw to it that his writing focused on the poetry of the everyday experience.  Wordsworth made the argument that poetry had to reach into the daily life and experience of individuals.  It was out of this every day experience that one could truly "see into the life of things."  For example, poems like "The Solitary Reaper" keep this idea in the forefront of its creation.  The speaker, presumably Wordsworth, is taken in with the common song of the solitary reaper.  He is transfixed by it.  This underscores a strong believe in the dignity and importance of ordinary people and their language.  This same element is seen in "I Wandered as Lonely as a Cloud."  The everyday and ordinary experience of seeing a field of flowers is transformed into something extraordinary and a sight to behold.  At the same time, Wordsworth's means of expression is told through a common language.  There is nothing elaborate in his language that would make this experience something that the reader could not appreciate.  It is here where one sees a true respect for the dignity and importance for ordinary people and their language.

arjun | Student

He composed sonnets, lyrical ballads etc which became the great source of informing the people about real poetry and its real message. Apart from it, it is supposed that the Romantic age is against the Classical age. It is wrong because it aim was to give proper touch to literary work or to reform the age having criticized the excessive artificial spirit of the classical age which had confined the beauty and the attraction of the poetry and prevailed disappointment among the common people. He is the man who gave proper place and importance to the poetry of his age that issued the spirit of peace, equality and love among the common people.

The Neo-Classical poets used to create an artificial nature in their poetry, but the Romantic poets are especially different. Their subject matter is nature and rustic life. William Wordsworth is the leading figure of this movement or age, and besides he is a person who always favoured to live in the hug of nature. For this purpose and love, he took the topics from this source. His concept is that nature draws nearer to God and issues bizarre happiness. It must be noted that he did not select the natural topics deliberately, but owing to such love, they came spontaneously along with healthy material to him and he composed being himself the part of it with genuine feelings. William Wordsworth composed sonnets, lyrical ballads, lyrics, odes and ballads on nature. His topics are very simple and natural. He composed poems on ‘The Daffodils’, ‘The World is Too Much with Us’, ‘Recollection on Childhood’, ‘Sonnet Composed on The West Minstrel Bridge’, ‘Lucy Grey’, The Solitary Reaper’, ‘The Lyrical Ballad’,’ The Prelude’, ‘Lines Written in Early Spring’, The Two April Mornings’, ‘The Sparrow’s Nest’,’ It is a Beauteous Evening, Calm and Free’,’ To The Daisy’,’ To The Cuckoo’,’ The Recluse’,’O Nightingale! Thou Surely Art’,’ Ode Composed In January 1806’, ‘Flowers’ etc. The complete work of his life belongs to nature or rustic life, which express the poet’s feelings and conspicuousness.

His entire character shows the feeling s and importance of the common people.In it,every thing is melodous and lovely.