Explain how the windmill causes challenges to Napoleon's point of view.

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Napoleon's most fundamental problem with the windmill is that it will cause his leadership to erode and enable Snowball's to swell.  The vision that Snowball paints of the windmill is one in which Animalism is fully realized.  The innovation and empowerment that Old Major articulated is evident in the windmill's construction.  The fact that Snowball presents it, appropriates it, and is so commonly associated with it in the minds of the other animals causes problems to Napoleon.  He understands clearly that Snowball and the windmill enjoy support from the other animals and this perception is enough for Napoleon to readily accept the problems posed because of this.  It is here where Napoleon realizes that no amount of sheep bleating can drown out the problems that the windmill poses to his leadership.  In this, the next stage of ensuring that his power will not be challenges becomes evident when he sends the dogs on Snowball.  Napoleon's objection to the windmill is that Snowball came up with it and would receive the credit.  It is for this reason that Napoleon supports the windmill's building when Snowball is run off the farm.