Explain how the water potential of the root hair cell would be affected if water movement in the xylem ceases?

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Root hairs are thin-walled projections that extend out from the epidermis of a root and give the root more surface area to absorb water from the soil. These grow out the side of the root and are able to absorb both water and minerals for the plant to use. Xylem cells are part of the vascular tissue in plants that conduct water upwards from roots to stems to leaves. Transpirational pull is the evaporation of water from the leaves to the atmosphere. This leaves a space in the xylem tube allowing for more water molecules absorbed by the root hairs to move upward in a plant. Root pressure due to higher water pressure in the soil than in the roots can cause upward osmosis from soil into the roots. If movement in the xylem was to cease, then water would no longer be pulled upward from the roots and soil.


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