Explain how two characters from the play undergo a shift in power: from weak to strong, from strong to weak. What are the reasons and examples?Preferably Roy Cohn and Prior Walter

pottert4n6 | Student

Power dynamics play a large role in the character development of _Angels in America_, though some of the power shifts are more metaphorical than literal. For example, it could be said that Harper gains power over her emotions as she slips out of her depressed life into her imagined world. She literally has lost power over herself (she is going crazy) but she does gain power over what she considers to be her horrible life.

On the other hand, Roy and Prior loose power as AIDS overcomes them. Roy looses the prestige his career once brought him and Prior loosed the confidence he once had. Roy must hide as the disease takes over his body; he hides from himself creating a lie about his diagnosis and he hides from society as he withdraws into solitute. In contrast with that, Prior was a confidant man and he retreats from the outside world and his friends as his body begins to betray him. They both go from literal strenth to bodily weakness as well as from percieved social power into tangible exile.