Explain how to write a critical analysis of the TV series Game of Thrones.

In writing a critical analysis of Game of Thrones, you should consider such matters as dialogue, character development, storyline, and cinematography.

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As with any other artwork, a critical analysis of a television show should examine and evaluate the success of various aspects of the work. The main aspects of Game of Thrones you should examine include the following:

  • The writing. How well-written is the dialogue? What particularly memorable phrases does it include? Do the characters sound realistic, or is any of the dialogue forced? Is there a good balance between speech and action?
  • Character development. Do the characters seem like real people? Do they behave and develop in interesting ways? How do they interact with one another?
  • Storyline. Does the show tell a dramatic and exciting story? Do you find yourself becoming emotionally involved in and intellectually convinced by the story it tells?
  • Cinematography and special effects. This is a particularly important matter in the case of a big-budget blockbuster like Game of Thrones. Are the special events convincing? Do they complement the story or detract from it? You might also talk about sets and costumes or anything else relevant to the film's visual aesthetic here.

You should conclude with an overall evaluation of the show, discussing its strengths and weaknesses. If you are familiar with George R. R. Martin's books, you could also briefly discuss the main ways in which the television show departs from the books and suggest reasons for this. However, this element is not essential, and you should only include it if doing so will make a substantive critical point about the television show.

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