Explain how to apply a person-centered approach at the workplace.

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Applying a person-centered approach to a workplace involves adopting a leadership model that actively promotes care, compassion, and concern for employees' welfare.

In a workplace environment, meaningful change invariably comes from the top. This means that if a company wants to apply a person-centered approach to its workplace, there will need to be a concerted effort by those in management positions to adopt a leadership style based on catering to the needs of employees.

All too often, however, managers are primarily concerned with production outcomes, which can inevitably result in ignoring the specific needs of their employees. A production-led management model tends to regard employees as cogs in a corporate wheel, little more than units of production.

However, a management model based on treating each and every employee as an individual with specific needs can facilitate a person-centered approach in the workplace that puts employees first, thus creating a safe, respectful environment in which everyone feels that they are valued and respected.

As a consequence, not only will employees feel more positive and engaged with their work, they will also be more productive, thereby making a company more efficient and profitable.

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