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A Modest Proposal

by Jonathan Swift

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Explain how these 5 alternate solutions can solve the problem. 1. taxing absentee residents 2. stopping imports 3. rejecting luxury that is needless 4. introducing and supporting temperance 5. learning to love the country

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These of course are suggested ironically by Swift as ideas that would not work. He is trying to draw attention to the good ideas that he had previously proposed that were ignored. Each of these would help alleviate the situation by causing the rich to be more involved in Ireland and trying to live simpler and less expensive lives themselves, thus making sure that there is more to go around and giving the Irish a market for their goods.

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Swift's proposals to assist Ireland in becoming economically independent offer financial solutions as well as social ones. 

The first three are financial:

1.  Taxing absentee residents will provide some revenue for the country.  When citizens of a country are not living in the country, they contribute nothing to the economy since they neither work there or purchase goods.  If, however, they must pay a tax, some revenue, then, can come into the country.

2.  Stopping imports would make it necessary for the Irish to purchase Irish products, thus support Irish businesses.

3.  If the Irish reject luxury that is needless, they will use their money for products of value; also, they can save and have money on which they can survive, and even flourish

4.  With temperance, money is not spent foolishly and families will not want.  Temperate men will go to work each day and be productive, unlike those that imbibe too much.

5.  When people love their own country, they develope a sense of loyalty to it.  Therefore, they should want to make it a better place for their children by working hard and saving and purchasing products made only in their country.


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