The Great Gatsby Questions and Answers
by F. Scott Fitzgerald

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Explain how the themes of dreams, social class, and possessions are connected in the first 6 chapters of The Great Gatsby.

Dreams, social class, and possessions are connected in the first six chapters of The Great Gatsby through peoples' dreams, using possessions to climb the class ladder and erase their lower-class pasts. Myrtle and Gatsby are both engaged in pursuing this dream, which these chapters hint is an illusion.

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By the end of chapter six in The Great Gatsby, Daisy and Gatsby have been reunited after six years apart, leading Nick to comment as the chapter closes on the "colossal vitality" of Gatsby's dreams.

Dreams in this novel are not the stories our brains tell us as we sleep, but our aspirations and desires. Nick focuses in these chapters, as in the novel as a whole, on Gatsby's aspirations, the chief of which is to start over with Daisy as if the last five years never happened.

Dreams, social class, and possessions are connected through people's dreams of climbing...

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